Tips on Choosing the Perfect Cleaning Services

Choosing a company to walk hand in hand with when it comes to the hygiene of your company.

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1.  Areas that need cleaning

Decide on which areas are the most important and which areas is off limits. Also decide what type of cleaning service you require, just mopping and dusting or windows etc. as well. If you have finalized which services you require you can start creating a short list of possible candidates as not all companies offer the full cleaning services.

2.  Ask Around


The best method of advertising has always been “word of mouth”. If a company has delivered great service then they will most definitely be recommended to other potential client. Ask you friends, colleagues and family if they can make any recommendations.

3.  Bonded & Insured Companies


Eliminate all the companies that are not yet insured and bonded. If an accident or a theft should occur during working hours a company that is insured and bonded will take responsibility where required. If a company is not bonded or insured the homeowner will have to take full responsibility.

4. Check if workers are legally hired and background checks


Make sure to contact all your potential services on your short list and check with them which procedures they have in place to check if all workers are legal and have the required documentation to work in South Africa if they are immigrants. As well as what criminal background check is done.

5. Request a free pre-consultation


Request your shortlist of cleaning services for an appointment at your offices for them to assess how much the work is and provide you with a quotation.  This will give both parties a good idea as to what to expect. If a company refuses to do this, remove them from your list. Both parties need to know what to expect and this will also prevent unforeseen costs.

6 Flat Fee instead of an hourly rate


Find out which of the companies provide a fix flat fee and which work on an hourly rate.  On an hourly rate you have a risk involved, the worker/s might just work much slower to be able to collect more money on their paycheck. With a fix flat rate this risk will be eliminated.

7 Don’t let “cheapest price” be a deciding factor

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You will receive what you are paying for. Do not take short cuts. If one of the quotations is much more affordable than the others then there is most definitely a reason for that. Always make 100% sure that if you choose the most affordable quotation, that you will be receiving what you requested.

8 Know the chemicals being used

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Request a list of all chemicals that will be used and make sure that non of the staff members are allergic to any of the chemicals and make sure that they do not have a sent that will affect your client.

9 Satisfaction Guaranteed


Companies that take pride in the cleaning service and shows it can most definitely be considered. If they insure you that you will be receiving satisfactory service and all problems, should there be any, will be handle professionally and promptly is sure to be a company you can walk a long path with.

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