Access Control Solutions

Customer service is at the heart of our business, and we will take the time to help you find an access control system which is right for your needs and your budget. Whether it is your home or business, we understand that security is a priority  and we’re here to help ensure that you are fully protected.

Our access controls can help you monitor and protect your home or business, not just providing you with full control over who gains access, but with a whole host of additional features to meet your needs.

Access Control

  • Access control readers and cards
  • Visitor management systems
  • Identity management systems
  • Door entry systems
  • Smart card and biometrics
  • Risk assessment
  • Service and installation

Boom gates and turnstiles compose another one of our service offerings. Access may be gained to these gates by means of finger prints, remotes or access cards of authorised persons.

Boom Gate and Turnstiles

  • Vehicle Barrier 3 – 7m (Toll Gate Barriers 2.5 – 3m)
  • High Security Spike Barriers
  • Single Direction Traffic Flow Spike Barrier
  • Road Blockers / Rising Curbs
  • Manual Barriers (3 – 7m)
  • Turnstiles – All types and finishes including glass
  • Bi-folding Speed Gates
  • Speedstiles
  • Cantilever Gates
  • Security Booths – Singles & Doubles
  • Automated Pedestrian Barrier (Drop Arm/Swing Gate)
  • Card Dispenser / Card Capture Units
  • Parking Control Equipment (Ticket Dispenser)
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors

We provide free, no-obligation site surveys which give us a chance to assess your property and any site safety risks. One of our skilled staff members will then be able to recommend you a security solution.