Polygraph Testing in Nelspruit

Polygraph Testing Nelspruit

Mveli Vikela offers more than just security and cleaning services in the municipality of Mbombela. We as residents of this country live with the high crime rate we are currently facing which includes the high levels of corruption. It has become more essential for companies to make us of polygraph service more than ever and is a key to a successful company.

Criminal activities such as theft in the work environment by employees or misappropriation of property annually result in considerable monetary loss by the employer. This can lead to the closing down of the business and crippling of the country’s economy. Finding the culprits can prove to be very challenging for the employer.

But what is a polygraph test? Generally polygraph tests are used to determine the guilt of an employee during an investigation for misconduct. Polygraph testing measures emotional or cognitive responses to certain questions. A polygraph does this by recording respiration, electrodermal activity, blood pressure and heart rate. So when an employee is required to answer a “difficult” question, the polygraph will note a change in a persons physiology.

As part of their professional services Mveli Vikela offer the very useful tool of polygraph testing to their clients and other interested companies in Nelspruit. We offer our services to all types of businesses in the Nelspruit area and our polygraph examiners are highly qualified and trained in the field. Finding a Nelspruit Polygraph company has never been so easy with Mveli Vikela.

Our polygraph testing service has proved to be a very useful tool because of the escalation of crime, fraud and corruption in Nelspruit resulting in considerable monetary loss. Request a quote for polygraph testing today from Mveli Vikela or contact us at (061) 310 2005

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