Mveli Vikela Security & Cleaning Solutions

Leading Security & Cleaning Services In Mpumalanga

The dedicated and experienced team of Mveli Vikela provide dependable and quality armed guard security services in Mpumalanga area which includes, Retail Loss Control, Guarding of Industrial Sites, Commercial and Household Properties.
Our polygraph testing service has proved to be a very useful tool. Because of the escalation in crime, fraud and corruption in South Africa new measures have to be taken to ensure the safety of your employees, work items and personal items. These criminal acts have a considerable influence on our counties economy and by being able to narrow down the losses with the use of polygraph testing you are assisting in making our country a better & stronger place.
We have also combined our security expertise with professional cleaning services ensuring not only that your office is safe and secure but also clean. Our professional cleaning standards and norms are far beyond that of all other cleaning services currently available. Ensure that your office shine with Mveli Vikela Cleaning Services.

Why you need a professional security firm to safe guard your belongings / property:

Generally shopping centres, corporate companies and houses have a target sign painted on them for burglars, not by choice but because of the valuables available. Everyone tend to become careless when they are in a familiar, comfortable environment, making them the perfect targets, that is why hiring a security company with experienced corporate guards is a great way to keep you and your belongings safe. Qualified security guards are well trained in the manner of how thief’s think and act, making them the most suitable weapon to protect you.